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Medical Innovation & Healthcare IT Challenges: A Trip Report (Over 200 Viewers of Cybersecurity Hub Periscope!)

[I wrote this trip report while thinking about today's #HITsm tweetchat, Top 10 Challenges for Healthcare Executives. In my opinion, the top challenge for healthcare executives is managing innovation. In fact, all five #HITsm topics easily pivot to innovation in healthcare. At the end of this post I've (only slightly) rewritten them to emphasize the [...]

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Actuarial Science, Accountable Care Organizations, and Workflow

Tweetchat! #ACO #ActuarialChallenge 10/21 1PMEST w/@millimanhealth @RWJF_Live @khemp64 @StaceyMullerFSA @JimOConnorFSA #HITsm #HCLDR #actuaries
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) October 20, 2016

Today’s Actuarial Challenge tweetchat is a welcome opportunity to ponder the future of actuarial science, health IT, and accountable care organizations, in a single blog post.
For background, see:

Increase the Stability of [...]

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2016 National Health IT Week Blab, I Mean Firetalk, Was Fun! 23 Participants, 50 Comments (w/@MichaelGaspar)

For the second year in a row I hosted a group social video chat. Last year it was Blab (Replay Mid National Health IT Week Blab: Many Thanks to Participants!), this year Firetalk. We had 23 participants, from all of the world, including New Zealand and India. For a bit more information about how well [...]

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How Easy Is It To Integrate Availity APIs Into Your Payer-Provider Workflow? Very!

How Easy Is It To Integrate @Availity #API Into Workflow? Very! @ShimCode @HIT_MMartin #NHITweek #HITsm #AskAvaility
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) September 29, 2016

[I am writing this blog post in preparation and support for the upcoming #AskAvaility tweetchat Optimizing Payer and Provider Communications hosted by @shimcode and @HIT_MMartin(@Availity), at 1PM EST, Friday, [...]

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Care Innovations on Workflow Management and Telehealth

Telehealth and telemedicine have many implications and great potential for healthcare workflow management. In preparation for today’s #HITsm tweetchat, Remote Patient Monitoring: Opportunities & Challenges, hosted by Marcus Grindstaff (@magrinds), COO of Care Innovations, I looked back over that past four years and picked the juiciest tweets from @CareInnovations to highlight here. Enjoy!
Links tweeted:

How [...]

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