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Moving From ChuckWebster Dot Com to Wareflo Dot Com

I’ve moved my blog from to (@wareFLO being my Twitter handle). I took the opportunity to reorganize the over 650 posts I’ve made since 2009 (including 400 plus draft posts I’ve apparently not completed!). This blog will stick around for awhile, mostly so folks landing here can then go to
Hope you have [...]

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Price, Cost, Quality, & Value Transparency Require Workflow & Process Transparency

[This post is prompted by the upcoming #HITsm tweet chat on health care transparency hosted by @shimcode. The first three tweet chat questions, about healthcare price, cost, quality, and value transparency are particularly relevant to a slide presentation on which I have been working. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to post my current [...]

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Business Process Model and Notation BPMN Healthcare Examples and Papers

I’m attending the Object Management Group Healthcare Business Process Modeling Workshop (press release, registration) at the beautiful Loews Coronado Bay Resort, near San Diego today.
Entrance #LoewsCoronado #SanDiego with just a hint of a #sunrise to come
— Charles Webster, MD (@wareFLO) December 6, 2016

This post consolidates a large number of papers and examples [...]

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From Powerless To Powerful In Healthcare Through Workflow

[This post was inspired by the Healthcare Leadership (#HCLDR) tweetchat topic Powerful or Powerless in Healthcare.]
Set aside, for the moment, the issue of poverty and economics, when it comes to power in today’s society (where, simply put, often money is power, not knowledge). I will argue that the key concept to understanding what it means [...]

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From APIs to Microservices: Workflow Orchestration and Choreography Across Healthcare Organizations

“Begin with the End in Mind” — Stephen Covey
“APIs have existed for over 50 years” — Chris Busse (@busse on Twitter)
[This blog post is in preparation for the Exploring APIs in Healthcare Tweetchat 11/11/16 1PM EST. Also checkout my blog post about a previous related tweetchat How Easy Is It To Integrate Availity APIs [...]

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