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Communication Ethics in Healthcare and Health IT

Communication Ethics & Human-Computer Cognitive Systems, C. Webster, Proc. 1st Int Conf on Cognitive Technology 1995
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) September 27, 2016

Today’s #HCLDR (Healthcare Leadership) tweetchat topic, What to Say When the Wrong Thing Was Said, hosted by @researchmatters, reminds me of [...]

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Why ICD-10? The “Most of What Government Does Isn’t Cost Effective Anyway” Defense

A.S.S. (4/2/14) Needless to tweet (but I’m sure to do so anyway), this blog post generated a lot of disagreement on Twitter. I’m prepending the choicest here, in what is called an “antescript.” In contrast to a postscript, it occurs at a document beginning. (Skip to blog post.)
@wareFLO yea, you &10k others knew ICD-10 would [...]

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I Interview New M*Modal Website(!) on Future of Language and Workflow in Healthcare

Short (well, memorable!) Link:
Last week, during #HIMSS13, I tweeted out individual questions and answers from the following interview with [wait for it!] the new M*Modal website at Here is the combined interview. I’ve included the original tweets so you can retweet answers to individual questions….
.@mmodal (Booth 6647, MP21) on Language & Workflow: Intro [...]

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My Collected Blog Posts on Clinical Natural Language Processing

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I created this post so I could tweet a link to more than one of my posts at a time. I’m sure there will be many more. I’ll add them here. By the way, the correct Twitter hashtag for natural language processing is #NLProc, not #NLP. Really! Click the previous links to compare [...]

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