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Ben Moore, CEO, TelmedIQ, on Why Secure Text Messaging Apps Aren’t Enough

Every year, for the past 6 years, I systematically (some say obsessively) search for examples of workflow technology at the annual HIMSS conference. Six years ago, not much. This year, lots! For example, Ben Moore (CEO, TelmedIQ) spoke about, Why Secure Text Messaging Apps Aren’t Enough, in the Mobile Health pavilion. It was a fascinating [...]

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#HatCam Returns To #HIMSS16 5th Year In Row! Plus #HIMSSworkflow Tie!

5th generation of my #HIMSS16 #HatCam! (1st-4th here Stop me for your One-Minute Interview!
— Charles Webster MD (@wareFLO) February 26, 2016

Way back in 2012 I started walking around HIMSS conferences with a little video camera clipped to a ball cap. I could even stream live video, but connectivity, means to invite people, [...]

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