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Booth City: A Picture Tour Down “Main Street” at HIMSS14

A sociologist should write a book called “Booth City” about exhibit floors such at the almost half-million square feet at HIMSS14. They spring up overnight, just like in a gold rush. The sound of construction fills the air. Opening day, everyone is so excited. The streets and thoroughfares are crowded. Proprietors proudly man and woman [...]

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Graph Predicting Daily #HIMSS14 Tweet Volume Leading Up to HIMSS14

Last year I compared #HIMSS12 and #HIMSS13 daily tweet volume by overlaying graphs from simplur. That graphic appears at the bottom of this post. See #HIMSS13 Social Media Through the Roof for commentary.
This year I wanted to get a sense of likely relative #HIMSS14 tweet volume heading into HIMSS14. So I simply grabbed the [...]

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