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“Workflow” at the Health IT Standards Committee Implementation/Usability Hearing July 23rd in Washington DC

The Health IT Standards Committee Health IT Implementation/Usability Hearing (agenda) was held today (July 23rd, 2013) in Washington DC. There’s lot of material posted online pertaining to the hearing, PowerPoints, position papers, questions and answers, etc. As I always do, when it comes to EHR and Health IT usability, I search through everything to find [...]

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H-EHR-T Healthy EHR Doesn’t Give Physicians Heartburn! Happy Valentines Day!

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H-EHR-T stands for Healthy Electronic Health Records Technology. I’m getting pretty good at catchy acronyms. Checkout S.Y.S.T.E.M., which stands for Saves You Substantial Time, Effort, and Money. Anyway, I had a Twitter convo with @SmyrnaGirl leading to her EHR Valentines Day post. So I might as well write one too!

There’s not much [...]

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User-Centered vs Activity-Centered Design: A Follow Up to “User-Centered EHR Design Considered Harmful”

About six months ago I wrote User-Centered EHR Design Considered Harmful (Try Process-Centered Instead). Healthcare Scene’s EMR and EHR blog gave it a mention and it rocketed around the Twittersphere for a couple days.
I recently stumbled on this presentation about Activity-Centred Design (British spelling). I thought several of its slides (adapted) would make a [...]

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EHR Usability, Workflow & NLP at AMIA 2012: Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss!

The two big Health IT conferences I’ve attended, repeatedly, over the years, are HIMSS and AMIA (even back when it was SCAMC). I always root around their on-line programs, looking for presentations about EHR and HIT usability, workflow and natural language processing. This year AMIA is in Chicago, November 3-7. The City of Chicago has [...]

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