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Lean Healthcare Needs Business Process Management

[This post is prompted by #HITsm chat 6.03.16 Applying Lean principles in healthcare]
I have long advocated combining process improvement methods with workflow technology, such as Business Process Management (BPM). This post assembles content from presentations, blog posts, and tweets stretching over more than a decade.
Let me start with some personal background. I have two masters [...]

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Workflow Quotes From 10 Percent Of 460 Open EHR Workflow Analyst Positions

Yep but how many of those are MDs? Need more clinical workflow support from the people who use the software. @wareFLO @jimmie_vanagon
— Kathy Nieder MD (@docnieder) March 21, 2016

Preparing for this evening’s blab about EHR workflow improvement coordinators I searched for job + workflow + EHR OR EMR on Google. The following list of 460 [...]

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I Found Workflow at National Health IT Week!

I spent the day at the National Health IT Week Second Annual National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved Conference. As usual I went looking for the workflow angle.
And I found it. During the HIT Innovation and Research Panel, which I Periscoped (archived to Katch), Aysha Corbett, MD., Deputy Chief Medical Officer and [...]

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I Used To Design EHR Buttons: Here Are Some Of My Favorites

Pediatric practices usually look a bit different from other medical practices in that they often include childlike elements. Sometimes even their websites reflect this: featured crayon artwork, handwritten-like fonts, and exhuberent silly humor (I love the sound of children’s laughter that automatically plays when you visit

Pediatric EMRs and pediatric EMR workflow systems are important [...]

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Almost 25 Years Ago I Co-Developed A Prototype Of A Radiology Imaging Workflow System

Almost 25 years ago I co-developed a prototype of a radiology imaging workflow system at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh. We published details in the 18th Annual Symposia on Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC, now AMIA). I’ve been meaning to resurrect some of that detail for a long while. I finally have.
We’d been tasked [...]

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