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The Health Information Exchange, Workflow, Business Process Management Angle

This week’s #HITsm chat is about Health Information Exchanges. Which is great!
If you cross-index “Health Information Exchange” with “workflow” in Google there are over 100,000 hits! Of course, I take every opportunity to pivot from healthcare workflow to healthcare workflow technology. The purest example of workflow technology is Business Process Management (BPM), until recently seldom [...]

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Healthcare Services Platform Consortium Business Process Management Marketecture

Five years ago, when I set up this blog, I set myself the task of tracking diffusion of Business Process Management and related process-aware technologies into healthcare. I also aimed to educate and market the same, to accelerate transformation of workflow-oblivious health IT into true process-aware health IT. I’ve written and tweeted about IBM (IBM: [...]

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Business Process Management’s Royal Road to Healthcare Runs Through Care Coordination

I see convergence between care coordination platforms and business process management tech used to implement them. The following slide crystalized this for me.
#ACO needs 1 Common #EHR 2 Data warehouse 3 Care coordination platform (IMO shld use workflow tech) #hcbizintel
— Charles Webster, MD (@wareFLO) April 16, 2014

An Accountable Care Organization, or ACO, is [...]

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Business Process Management Tackles Population Health Management

I just sat through an Xcellent webinar about CareXcell from Siemens Healthcare Its title was Population Health Management: One Person At A Time. Talk about tackling the right healthcare problems with the right technology! As soon as a link to the recorded webinar is available, I’ll post it here. In the meantime I’d like to [...]

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Complex Event Processing, Business Intelligence, and Business Process Management From Siemens Healthcare

Siemens Healthcare was and is a pioneer in use of business process management software at or near the point of care. I’ve written about them frequently and tweeted about them even more.
As a educator about process-aware tech in healthcare (workflow management systems, business process management, and dynamic/knowledge-based/adaptive case management software), I keep an eye on [...]

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