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From Powerless To Powerful In Healthcare Through Workflow

[This post was inspired by the Healthcare Leadership (#HCLDR) tweetchat topic Powerful or Powerless in Healthcare.]
Set aside, for the moment, the issue of poverty and economics, when it comes to power in today’s society (where, simply put, often money is power, not knowledge). I will argue that the key concept to understanding what it means [...]

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From APIs to Microservices: Workflow Orchestration and Choreography Across Healthcare Organizations

“Begin with the End in Mind” — Stephen Covey
“APIs have existed for over 50 years” — Chris Busse (@busse on Twitter)
[This blog post is in preparation for the Exploring APIs in Healthcare Tweetchat 11/11/16 1PM EST. Also checkout my blog post about a previous related tweetchat How Easy Is It To Integrate Availity APIs [...]

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