Process-Aware Healthcare Marketing Automation Workflow Technology

This blog post is really about marketing automation workflow technology, not healthcare marketing automation workflow technology. But hey, I wrote it in preparation for the #HCLDR tweetchat on healthcare marketing. Workflow technology has so much potential for all areas of healthcare, including healthcare marketing! I’ll be on the alert for tweets that I can cross index back to my favorite obsession, workflow tech! See you there… or saw you there, depending on when you read this… Based on the tweetchat, I may circle back and flesh out the relevance of workflow tech-based marketing automation to healthcare marketing in general.

(By the way, “Process-Aware” is the academic phrase applied to IT systems using executable, introspectable, models of work and workflow.)

What is Marketing Automation?



Workflow Builder. Create customized campaigns from templates or scratch



GOAL-BASED NURTURING Every workflow you build in HubSpot can easily be tied to a clear goal, so you’ll always know what is working


How to Build a Successful Marketing Automation Workflow

  • Determine trigger
  • Determine individual steps
  • Make the workflow live

7 Game-Changing Marketing Automation Workflows

  • Hot Lead Workflow
  • Closed-Lost Reason Nurture
  • Re-Engage Notification Workflow
  • New Subscriber Nurture
  • Mini-ABM Hack (Account-Based Marketing)
  • Nurture By Buyer Role
  • Go-to Customer Marketing


5 Workflow Automation Campaigns to Wow Consumers and Marketers Alike


“X2Flow, is an intuitive workflow designer and engine where you can leverage all the data in X2CRM to model simple yet sophisticated flows incorporating a variety of actions and conditions. Drop down menus and drag & drop capabilities are used to establish ‘triggers,’ along with associated conditions which must be met before any flow is executed. Then the flow actions will be automatically performed, allowing your team to focus on the more creative aspects of marketing”



How Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Can Use Marketing Automation to Sell Smarter, Not Harder



What Exactly is a Marketing Automation System?



Design an email marketing automation campaign workflow with campaign builder


Why marketers should learn how to program [that is, draw executable workflows!]



Bislr Brings a Bunch of New Tools for Easier Marketing Automation



Drag and Drop Designer: Define your marketing workflows with an easy drag-and-drop designer. Build multi-step marketing campaigns visually in just a few minutes


The Future Of Marketing Automation


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