Firetalk Group Social Video Chat as a Replacement for Blab in the Health IT Social Media Community

I’ve been on the hunt for a Blab replacement! Join me on Firetalk at (Chrome or Firefox browser please!) and subscribe to my Firetalk channel. I will reciprocate!

Only one day after joining Firetalk, I’m already writing a blog post, my impressions are that good. Free? ✓ Audience? ✓ Chat ✓ Drop-ins ✓ Tweetable Embeddable ?

Yesterday, my first day on Firetalk, I hung out with Dennis ( and Chelsea (, friends from Blab days. I used my iPod connected to the internet via an Android access point. Great video quality!

Today Don Lee ( hosted a #BCbiz session, discussing, naturally, Firetalk. I loved seeing my old blab friends attend, not just as guests but hanging out in the audience, making all kinds of useful and funny moments. It felt like old Blab times!

Finally, I’d like to give the folks behind Firetalk a big thumbs up. I messed up my Firetalk channel URL. It was horribly long and eminently forgettable. I contacted them and boom, fixed, is just a few minutes. It is now the easy-to-remember (based on my Twitter handle).

Everyone, who reads this, who I send this to, please head over to Firetalk. Create a Firetalk channel. Send me its URL so I can subscribe.

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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