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Care Innovations on Workflow Management and Telehealth

Telehealth and telemedicine have many implications and great potential for healthcare workflow management. In preparation for today’s #HITsm tweetchat, Remote Patient Monitoring: Opportunities & Challenges, hosted by Marcus Grindstaff (@magrinds), COO of Care Innovations, I looked back over that past four years and picked the juiciest tweets from @CareInnovations to highlight here. Enjoy!
Links tweeted:

How [...]

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My Foreword and Chapter in Business Process Management in Healthcare, Second Edition

(Excuse my mug! It’s my current @wareFLO Twitter avatar.)

I am delighted to write the foreword to BPM in Healthcare. Forewords traditionally deal with genesis and scope. I’ll tell you why I, an emissary from the medical informatics and health IT community, traveled to another land, that of Business Process Management (BPM). I hope to convince [...]

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What Is The Purpose of A Bee? Preserving Purpose In Medicine

When I heard @StorkBrian and @Paddy_Barrett were co-hosting the #HITsm tweetchat on the topic of Preserving Purpose in Medicine, the following question came to me, unbidden:
What is the purpose of a bee?
You see, Dr. Stork is an inveterate beekeeper. I’ve watched his bees on Periscope and Vine. We’ve discussed beekeeping on Blab (now [...]

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Process-Aware Healthcare Marketing Automation Workflow Technology

.@hcldr @Colin_Hung my #HCLDR post: Healthcare Marketing Automation Workflow Tech #SHSMD16
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) September 13, 2016

This blog post is really about marketing automation workflow technology, not healthcare marketing automation workflow technology. But hey, I wrote it in preparation for the #HCLDR tweetchat on healthcare marketing. Workflow technology has so much [...]

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Social Determinants of Health: Eat Your Beans? Or Speak Truth to Power?

Before I got the degrees I have (Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine) I wanted to become an Anthropologist! I still read a lot of anthropology. I consider myself a (rank) amateur anthropologist. And I’ve a bit of anthropology in my workflow work, especially ethnography, the systematic study of people and cultures. In that [...]

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