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2016 National Health IT Week Blab, I Mean Firetalk, Was Fun! 23 Participants, 50 Comments (w/@MichaelGaspar)

For the second year in a row I hosted a group social video chat. Last year it was Blab (Replay Mid National Health IT Week Blab: Many Thanks to Participants!), this year Firetalk. We had 23 participants, from all of the world, including New Zealand and India. For a bit more information about how well [...]

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How Easy Is It To Integrate Availity APIs Into Your Payer-Provider Workflow? Very!

How Easy Is It To Integrate @Availity #API Into Workflow? Very! @ShimCode @HIT_MMartin #NHITweek #HITsm #AskAvaility
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) September 29, 2016

[I am writing this blog post in preparation and support for the upcoming #AskAvaility tweetchat Optimizing Payer and Provider Communications hosted by @shimcode and @HIT_MMartin(@Availity), at 1PM EST, Friday, [...]

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Communication Ethics in Healthcare and Health IT

Communication Ethics & Human-Computer Cognitive Systems, C. Webster, Proc. 1st Int Conf on Cognitive Technology 1995
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) September 27, 2016

Today’s #HCLDR (Healthcare Leadership) tweetchat topic, What to Say When the Wrong Thing Was Said, hosted by @researchmatters, reminds me of [...]

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Health 2.0 Fall Conference Sponsors Using Business Process Management and Workflow Engines

The #Health2con Workflow Technology Trophy Goes to @KainosEvolve @Axway & @CareCloud! #HITsm #HCLDR #NHITweek #BPM
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) September 27, 2016

I searched every website of every Health 2.0 Fall Conference sponsor, 87 in all. I found three companies that emphasize Business Process Management (BPM) and/or workflow engine technology. As I [...]

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Blockchain, Pragmatic Interoperability, and the Workflow-ization of Health IT

What three health IT trends are top-of-mind for me right now?

The “workflow-ization” of health IT
Pragmatic interoperability in healthcare

These health IT trends are all top-of-mind for me because they are coming together and interacting. Individually, they are notable. Together, they may be transformational, to use a tired and over-used word. But in this case it [...]

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