Thank You For Mentioning Workflow When You Nominated Me to #HIT100


I’ve not always been enamored of the annual #HIT100 nomination tweet fest. I came round when I realized how useful it can be increasing awareness of the importance of healthcare workflow and workflow technology. I literally looked through thousands of followees and followers for my nominations. I added my own hash tag, #PragmaticInteroperability (more info here) to each tweet. This year I’ve enjoyed the #HIT100 process immensely.

I’d like specifically thank each of the following health IT twitterati.

(If you mentioned workflow in your nomination, but perhaps used an alternative spelling :) let me know so I can add you to my treasured archive.)

Thank you Sean! I’ve enjoyed your blabs. Your combined interests of social work and workflow (”social workflow”) is an interesting addition to the health workflow IT conversation. I look forward to seeing it evolve further.

Thank you Nick! Our conversation about healthcare workflow, natural language processing, and workflow technology, during your Internet radio talk show, was one of my early opportunities to raise healthcare workflow consciousness.

Thank you Colin! You have a generous spirit. You make every one of us, who have our own narrow individual obsession, feel like you are channeling us at conferences, in blog posts, during tweet chats, blabs, and periscopes.

Thank you Jim! Very cool to have met you, a radiologist, several years ago at the Healthcare Process Improvement Conference in Orlando. And also very cool how process improvement methods are finally coming together and merging with health IT and workflow tech!

Thank you Sarah! An Batman thanks you. (To the Workflow-mobile!)

Thank you Dirk! And thank you for sharing what gets your goat during One-Minute Hatcam Interview!

Thank you Joe! And thank you for letting me use your handsome mug on my Twitter avatar during AHIPinstitute!

Thank you AdvancedMD! Thank you especially for noting the workflow+interoperability connection. Not only is interoperability necessary for great workflow, great workflow technology can help may true healthcare interoperability a reality.

Thank you Faisal! And thank you for following back when you were the 6th person I followed on Twitter!

Thank you Matt! You had me at ‘workflow’!

Thank you Janet! And thank for attending so many of my Periscopes!!

Thank you Peggy! We, JETS! The @HealthITdog and I, hope to bump into you at some health IT event here in Columbus, Ohio, sometime!

Thank you Linda! And for letting me interview you, at length, when you were #HIT1 (out of #HIT100).

Thank you Manish! Love your healthcare workflow history and motivation, which I published on this blog: How Does Manish Sharma Know So Much About Healthcare Workflow Technology? His Answer!

Thank you FormFast! I recall as if it was only yesterday, our co-hosted webinar, The Power of Process (almost 2000 views on Youtube!).

Thank you Vince! The first shall be last. You’re the first person I followed on Twitter. Thank you for being an excellent health IT & healthcare workflow discussant!

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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