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Can Health IT Social Media Help Health IT Plus BPM Reach Critical Mass?

You know what “critical mass” is, right? It has two definitions, one from physics and the other outside of physics. In physics critical mass is the minimum amount of material to cause a nuclear chain reaction (in other words, an explosion). Outside of physical critical mass is the minimum amount of something to start or [...]

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How Does Manish Sharma Know So Much About Healthcare Workflow Technology? His Answer!

You [@MSharmas, @HCITexpert] know what I’m talking about when it comes workflow tech and BPM, where did you get that experience/knowledge?
Manish’s emailed answer:
Before starting out to be an entrepreneur in 2012, I was leading teams to develop a cloud based EMR solution for the company I worked for, wherein we wanted to incorporate [...]

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Blab: A New Way To Demo Health IT Software!

Believe it or not. That Hollywood Squares-esque social video platform, Blab, mostly populated by people talking about how great Blab is, is a really great way to demo health IT software! @dflee30 used the Blab Chrome extension…
The #blab chrome plugin for screen sharing works great. Thanks for passing it along @wareflo!
— Don Lee [...]

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