How Does Manish Sharma Know So Much About Healthcare Workflow Technology? His Answer!

You [@MSharmas, @HCITexpert] know what I’m talking about when it comes workflow tech and BPM, where did you get that experience/knowledge?

Manish’s emailed answer:


Before starting out to be an entrepreneur in 2012, I was leading teams to develop a cloud based EMR solution for the company I worked for, wherein we wanted to incorporate the following in our core frameworks:

  • Workflow Engine,
  • Rules Engine,
  • Alerts Engine
  • Forms Designer

In the process of selecting the workflow engine in our Product, we had done an in-depth analysis of the various technologies available to enable tweaking of workflows. We looked at open source solutions and proprietary and had worked with the teams from Skelta towards PoCs for billing, insurance, inventory, pharmacy and CPOE workflows.

This is when I was able to learn about the benefits of having a workflow and rules engine in our product.

And hence I understand the concepts you talk about and the need for incorporating workflow tech in Healthcare, simply because I believe every Healthcare Facility is unique and most times I have found companies sell the product, but deliver a “Service” to their customers by trying to do a GAP analysis to come up with the actual solution required by the Client.

If BPM, workflow tech was there, your classic question during the “Demo” would have come to help a lot of customers in understanding what is the meaning of workflow technology.

Not yet learnt all of it, but its a work-in-progress :)

Thanks a lot for your question …

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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