Can Health IT Social Media Help Health IT Plus BPM Reach Critical Mass?

You know what “critical mass” is, right? It has two definitions, one from physics and the other outside of physics. In physics critical mass is the minimum amount of material to cause a nuclear chain reaction (in other words, an explosion). Outside of physical critical mass is the minimum amount of something to start or maintain a venture.

I’ve been trying to drive two areas of technology together for years… For the last half decade I’ve used social technology to do this. I hope, eventually, to achieve the minimum interaction between medical informatics and workflow informatics, and between the health IT and business process management industries, to trigger a chain reaction, a chain reaction of ideas and conversations and technologies and successes that will feed on itself.

That will lead to widespread automatic, transparent, flexible, and systematically improvable healthcare workflow systems.

We are very, very close.

P.S. Like my animated GIF?

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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