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Finite State Machines For Mr RIMP (Robot-In-My-Pocket) Workflows

Version 3 of @MrRIMP, my 3D-printed robot that fits in my pocket, is now a year old. Checkout our interview below!

In other words, I’ve been thinking about version 4 Mr. RIMP for a year! Long term I’d like Mr. R to satisfy the following requirements.


Ha! Seriously…

Capable of entertaining interactive behaviors (speech, animation, etc.)
Easy [...]

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Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Healthcare Workflow and Interoperability

I was actually present, in a down-the-hall-occasional-beer-together sort of way, at the beginning baby steps of deep learning, a branch of machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence (one of my graduate degrees). I was taking a graduate course in connectionist models and neural networks at CMU. Some students worked on neural networks with hidden [...]

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Thank You For Mentioning Workflow When You Nominated Me to #HIT100

I’ve not always been enamored of the annual #HIT100 nomination tweet fest. I came round when I realized how useful it can be increasing awareness of the importance of healthcare workflow and workflow technology. I literally looked through thousands of followees and followers for my nominations. I added my own hash tag, #PragmaticInteroperability (more info [...]

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Professionalism, Etiquette, and Manners in Health IT Social Media

Believe it or not, “professionalism” has a lot of definitions. If you are inside a profession, such as medicine or law, then you likely have a lengthy and specific set of guidelines, or instructions, about how to maintain your professionalism. If you are a member of the public, dealing with professionals, you have a shorter, [...]

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