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Trip Report: Day 1 BPM & Case Management Global Summit

At #BPM & Case Management Global Summit Mon/Tues (I'm speaking!) #BPMCM16 #BPM #HITsm #HCLDR
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) June 27, 2016

Now in it’s third year, the BPM & Case Management Global Summit is my favorite annual conference (BPM stands for Business Process Management). I love the annual HIMSS conference, for its [...]

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Digitizing Healthcare: Business Process Management’s Unique Contribution (Two BPM Conferences, Video, Slides & Transcript!)

I gave the following presentation, Digitizing Healthcare: Business Process Management’s Unique Contribution, at two back-to-back Business Process Management (BPM) conferences. This post consolidates a video of that presentation, plus slides and transcript. The two BPM conferences were…

BPM Conference Portugal 2016 (#BPMPT16)
BPM and Case Management Global Summit (#BPMCM16)

Here’s my abstract…
I'm speaking on #BPM in [...]

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AHIP Institute Trip Report: Business Process Management & Workflow Engines

This year’s 2016 America’s Health Insurance Plans conference in Las Vegas was my second AHIP Institute and Expo. Last year and this year I focussed on workflow tech in healthcare, specifically Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow engines.
I tweet lot and I try to be substantive in my tweets (as in summaries of conversations, quotes [...]

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BPM & Healthcare Q&A with Scott Polansky, Appian Practice Lead for Healthcare Payers

.@sppolan1 @Appian TX 4 selfie! #AHIPInstitute
— Charles Webster MD ⎌ (@wareFLO) June 15, 2016

Welcome to one heck of a freewheeling discussion with Scott Polansky, of Appian (Booth 238 at AHIP Institute), about the wide variety of ways to use BPM software to obtain 360-degree comprehensive and integrated views of member patient data, [...]

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Leverage Modern BPM for Health Plans in the Regulatory and Compliance Space

[I'm attending AHIP Institute 2016 in Las Vegas! Tweet me (@wareFLO) for a "Tweetup!" :)]
(Get my whitepaper! Business Process Management (BPM) in Healthcare!)
Every year, for the past six years, I search every website of every HIMSS conference exhibitor. For HIMSS15 that was around 1500 websites! For the first year, I did the same for every [...]

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