2,241 Tweets from 321 Tweeps With 5,497,584 Follower Reach at Appian World 2016!

I just returned from the Appian World 2016 BPM (Business Process Management) conference in Washington DC. As usual (been to every one since 2008) it was super stupendous great. Every year there are more folks from healthcare and health IT, which is also super stupendous great. Here is a blog post I wrote about one of the healthcare presentations, Putting (Healthcare) Data to Work (using BPM) for Service, Efficiency and Compliance.

Twitter stats rose 17 percent over Appian World 2015. Here’s a bit of a drill down.

Tweets including #Appian16 OR #AppianWorld topped out in the 800s during the main two days of the Appian World 2016.


  • 2,241 Tweets
  • 321 Tweeters
  • 5,497,584 Reach (Tweeters x Followers)
  • From 152 Locations


Congratulations to Appian World’s most prolific tweeters!


Ha! Ayax, I beat you by one tweet! (what a great selfie!)

And there were tweets in at least 8 languages! I’m trying to find those Swedish and Finnish tweets…


Predicting the future is always dangerous, but I can confidently predict even more healthcare and more tweets at Appian World 2017 in Miami Beach.

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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