#Periscope at #HIMSS16: 320 Tweets, 189 Links, 153 Videos, 30 Archived, 7 Embedded, One Blog Post

[Some of the following videos are embedded from Katch.me. Katch.me discontinued their Periscope video archive service March 4, 2016. I have all the original videos and will upload to YouTube and re-embed. Note: YouTube views are very low, compared to original Periscope views, which were typically in the hundreds. Also, the Youtube video lacks the steady stream of comments, questions (which I read out loud for the speakers to answers, and lots and lots of hearts!]

(Looking for #HatCam The Movie: #HIMSS16 New Media Meetup #HITMC?)

Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android, also viewable and tweetable from a web browser. Less than a year old, Periscope didn’t even exist during HIMSS15 in Chicago, but it’s taken off like gangbusters.

Regarding this year’s HIMSS16 Periscope stats:

  • There is one blog post about Periscope at HIMSS16. This is it!
  • I have included below, for your pleasure (or, at least, bemusement), seven embedded Periscope videos.
  • The embedded videos are all from my 30 archived Periscope videos … because no one else archived their video… what’s with that?!
  • There were 130 unique Periscope videos tweeted during and around HIMSS16.
  • Links to Periscope videos were tweeted 189 times, so folks shared some videos more than once.
  • The #Periscope hashtag co-occured with the #HIMSS16 hashtag 320 times. So folks tweeted about #Periscope even more than that they tweeted Periscope links to videos.
  • I will make a bold prediction: All of these numbers will increase by more than a factor of ten during next years HIMSS17.

As I lamented, I was the only one who archived my Periscopes to Katch. Next year I hope we have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of wonderful archived videos to curate and replay. Interleaved among my embedded are various best practices and workflows I’ve found useful.

My first bit of advice: If you have a great Periscope, remember that not only does the video go away in 24 hours, but the stats (live viewers, replays) also go away. Katch saves stats, but I have found lots of disparities between the original Periscope stats and Katch’s accounting of them. So, screen-capture your Periscope stats so you can document how people watched and replayed your original video.

HITsm Panel at HIMSS16

(Many thanks to @OchoTex for the invite to scope this awesome assemblage! Remind viewers and moderator of opportunity for viewers to ask questions too!)


(BTW, Jean Webster is my 85 year old mom!)

(part 2)

Tour of the HIMSS16 Interoperability Showcase

(Many thanks to @A_Burkey for arranging this opportunity!)


TelmedIQ: Why Secure Text Messaging Apps Aren’t Enough

(Get a tripod and an adaptor to attach your smartphone in portrait mode.)

TeleTracking: Improving Discharge Planning with Lean Six Sigma & Technology

(Include Twitter handles in Periscope titles, so that when scope is shared on Twitter speakers get mentions. BTW if you click through, you’ll see the original Periscope had 85 live viewers!)

Corepoint Health: CTO Educational Session on HL7 FHIR

(As in the case of the HIMsm panel, don’t forget to solicit questions from viewers, as we do toward the end of the following scope.)

I am completely lost on the #HIMSS16 Exhibit floor, can’t get out! Help me! Anyone!

(102 live viewers and 9 comments!)

Mix it up! Don’t just Periscope the serious stuff. Some of my most popular periscope occurred on a whim, and really just captured local color and humor. This Periscope also illustrates the more typical Periscope, in which there is lots of fun chit-chat with viewers. (Watch for @TechGuy! He magically appears at 1:00, tells me how to get out, makes a face, and disappears!)

Las Vegas Sunrise from the Stratosphere hotel

Finally, in doubt, scope sunrises and sunsets. There’s something exciting about watching the sun rise or fall on the other side of the globe!

(140 live viewers, the most of the series, and second only to FHIR Periscope when it comes to number of hearts!)

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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