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Workflow Quotes From 10 Percent Of 460 Open EHR Workflow Analyst Positions

Yep but how many of those are MDs? Need more clinical workflow support from the people who use the software. @wareFLO @jimmie_vanagon
— Kathy Nieder MD (@docnieder) March 21, 2016

Preparing for this evening’s blab about EHR workflow improvement coordinators I searched for job + workflow + EHR OR EMR on Google. The following list of 460 [...]

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Care Workflow Platform: A Definition

Health IT is laying down a layer of workflow technology on top of database technology. Terminology varies, including Care Management Systems, Healthcare Operating Systems, Healthcare or Care Process Management. I speak of process-aware information systems (after the academics), workflow management systems (historical designation for workflow engine-based software), and healthcare business process management (BPM used within [...]

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Pragmatic Interoperability: Accessing Your Medical Record - Then What? (Hint: Workflow!)

[This post was written for the #HCLDR tweetchat Accessing Your Medical Record - Then What?]
A 3rd piece of pie! Now you are talking my language @wareFLO Though I think the sugar alarm would go off first Great post! #hcldr
— Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) March 15, 2016

If you have access to your medical record data, then [...]

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#HatCam The Movie: #HIMSS16 New Media Meetup #HITMC


(Looking for #Periscope at #HIMSS16: 320 Tweets, 189 Links, 153 Videos, 30 Archived, 7 Embedded, One Blog Post?)
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#Periscope at #HIMSS16: 320 Tweets, 189 Links, 153 Videos, 30 Archived, 7 Embedded, One Blog Post

[Some of the following videos are embedded from discontinued their Periscope video archive service March 4, 2016. I have all the original videos and will upload to YouTube and re-embed. Note: YouTube views are very low, compared to original Periscope views, which were typically in the hundreds. Also, the Youtube video lacks the [...]

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