Improving the Patient and Provider Experience (w/BPM!): The Systems Behind the Smiles

I have been a vocal proponent of using workflow technology in healthcare long before EHRs were called EHRs and Business Process Management (BPM) was called Business Process Management. Back then they were called CPRs (Computer-Based Patient Records) and Workflow Management Systems. I celebrate every milestone and signal that process-aware workflow orchestration engines are diffusing into healthcare. Every year, for the past five HIMSS conferences, I searched every exhibitor website for BPM and “Business Process Management.” Guess what. BPM isn’t just diffusing, it is flooding into healthcare, if this year’s HIMSS16 exhibitors are evidence. For example, for the first year, the billion-dollar BPM “unicorn” Appian (booth #10430) has come to HIMSS16.


Just in time for HIMSS16, Appian has the best eight-page executive summary white paper on BPM in healthcare I have ever seen. Below is the beginning. I hope you will download and read the entire document. Then, let’s chat further about the incredible potential, already being realized at a growing number of healthcare organizations adopting modern Business Process Management, to quickly build secure desktop and mobile apps with automatic, transparent, flexible and systematically improvable healthcare workflow.

Improving the Patient and
Provider Experience: The
Systems Behind the Smiles


Not too long ago, we spoke of front-office versus back-office. The front-office dealt directly with customers. The back-office played crucial but supporting roles behind the scenes. Increasingly—and especially in healthcare—these layers are merging. Back-office systems are becoming front-office systems, as customers— especially younger ones—prefer mobile apps over human interaction. These trends dictate complete transparency of any systems directly or indirectly affecting your customer’s journey.

Healthcare is full of complex systems. Your customers—members, patients, providers, and partners—increasingly call the shots. Our challenge is to design, manage, and improve our systems so we can maximize their smiles.


Healthcare payers and providers have many different challenges. However, when it comes to the systems behind the smiles, all face four key challenges:

  1. Improving collaboration
  2. Sharing data
  3. Managing risk
  4. All while improving member and provider experience


In response these challenges and requirements, health plans are increasingly turning to modern Business Process Management (BPM) to quickly and easily create powerful software applications that can tie together systems and help deliver a unified—and overwhelmingly positive—customer experience.

From the Appian white paper landing page…

Download this paper, and you’ll:

  • Gain a better understanding of the four key challenges to overcome
  • Learn how you can break free of information and workflow silos
  • Gain insight into how to address evolving patient and member expectations

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