Why I Love Being A #HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassador: Thinking Out Loud

I love being a HIMSS16 annual conference Social Media Ambassador (SMA). I’ve been three times, starting at HIMSS14. There are many reasons, perhaps as many as there are SMAs (20!). But if I had to pick a single reason, it’s the opportunity to learn about new health IT products and services, and then, basically, think out loud about them on social media.

I read somewhere, a long time ago, that the really great, memorable, conversations start from a simple but profound premise. Someone has a conversation with themselves, in their head, about something that interests them greatly. At some point, somehow, what’s happening inside their head and what’s happening outside their head intersects. In effect, they talk out loud, someone hears them, and takes a seat at the conversation table. That internal conversation may have been going on, gangbusters, for years. All of a sudden, it’s out there, perhaps fueled by someone else, who may also been having a similar conversation in their heads, gangbusters, for years.

If I look back what I’ve talked to myself about over the years — archeology (high school), artificial intelligence (college), cognitive science (grad school), health IT and workflow (now) — the really memorable conversations I’ve had, the ones I replay and savor, seem to come from this place. The problem was, they happened rarely. Maybe a couple times a year, max.

Today, though, due to Twitter (and increasingly Blab), and ESPECIALLY during #HIMSS14-#HIMSS16, sometimes I’ve had as many as six impossibly good Twitter conversations about healthcare workflow before lunch! Let’s see, at twice a year before, but 365 times 6 now, that’s over a gazillion percent improvement!

See you, online or in person, at #HIMSS16!

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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