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2016 Healthcare Workflow Predictions: Pop Health, Shared Care Plans, FHIR, Security, Feature-itis, Meaningful Use, and the Iron Triangle

Tis the season to predict! Instead of me starting from scratch, I thought I’d explore how workflow tech trends will facilitate and enable health IT trends others predict. I looked at a bunch of 2016 health IT lists of predictions (for example, see @shimcode’s list) and picked one of the best. Each of the following [...]

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British Comedian Tweets About Workflow To 12 Million Followers, Generating Amusing and Insightful Replies

Stephen Fry, an English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist, tweeted about ‘workflow’ to his almost 12 million followers. The hundreds of replies are surprisingly funny and insightful (and sometimes even both at the same time!). Here is Fry’s original tweet followed by some of my favorite replies. (PS TX to @profBPM for RTing this.)
I [...]

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FHIR, Process-Aware Orchestration & Choreography, and Task & Workflow Interoperability

This week’s #HITsm tweetchat (with @amalec) is about FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) & APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), prompting this blog post. (I often write pre-tweetchat blog posts about subjects in which I am especially interested.) Obviously, FHIR can facilitate health IT workflow by making patient data more accessible. But this blog post is about [...]

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Health IT Workflow Integration: Whither #FHIR? (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)

1. Will FHIR Hardcode Workflows? (Not Tasks, Workflows!)
2. Can FHIR Encourage More Process-Aware Health Info Systems?
3. Do We Need To Wait For FHIR To “Solve” Healthcare Workflow?
4. Difference Between Task & Workflow Interoperability? Implications For FHIR?
5. What About Design-Time Workflow Interoperability?
6. How Can FHIR Speed Health IT Application Development?
7. Are There Any Existing Workflow API [...]

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