Periscope Plus Twitter Equals Pwitter: From Favorites to Hearts to Total Integration

Every week I participate in two or three tweet chats. These are hour-long conversations around a twitter hashtag (such as #HITsm, #HCLDR, #HITMC, and #CMIOchat). I’ve been experimenting, along with @Jimmie_Vanagon, with different ways to use Periscope and Blab in conjunction with this tweet chats. I’ve used both before, during, and immediately after. Multi-tasking can be a difficult, but I believe the potential synergies are worth it!

Which brings me to the title of this post: Periscope Plus Twitter Equals Pwitter: The Increasing Integration Between Two Great Social Media Platforms.

I’ve argued and predicted that Periscope (Twitter’s $100M social video acquisition) and Twitter will become increasingly integrated into, essentially, a single user experience. Twitter’s text-based interactive activity stream does certain things well, but others not so well. Periscope’s interactive video stream does certain things well, but others not so well. In the best of both worlds, I could have my cake and eat it too. I could have “Pwitter” and complete and seamless mashup of both Periscope and Twitter.

A while back I predicted Twitter would add ability to tweet screenshots from Periscope, and they did. Today Twitter changed its Favorite button from a star to a heart. Social media commentators said this was to be more like Facebook. Other said it was to make Twitter a nicer place. I say it is an (admittedly superficial) precursor to Periscope and Twitter being merged into a single, powerful, social media platform I that might be called Pwitter.

Since I love Twitter and I love Periscope, I can’t wait!

Bring on the Pwitter chats!

@wareFLO On Periscope!

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