I Am Thankful For Innovation, Workflow, Blab, Periscope, and HCLDR: Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great set of questions, Colin!

I am reminded of a blog post I tweet every year on Thanksgiving Day. It starts with this paragraph.

I publish this on Thanksgiving Day and give thanks for our American tradition of innovation. It is a unique product of personality (forbearers and forerunners), platform (laws and traditions,) and opportunity (Thanksgiving’s Land of Plenty).

Now, on to your questions!

T1 From a healthcare perspective, what are you most thankful for this past year? (personal health or industry development)

While I’ve been involved in healthcare workflow and workflow technology for decades, it’s only been about five or six years that I’ve systematically blogged and tweeted about it. Five years ago I started searching the website of every HIMSS conference exhibitor, looking for workflow and workflow tech content. Initially I found very little (less than two percent of about 1200 websites). Every year the percent doubled. This was the first year that I found so much great content that I ran out of time. I was ecstatic! There is so much interesting conversation about workflow these days, from startups to thought leaders to even old-guard health IT companies.

I think workflow and, more important, workflow technologies, are beginning to explode on the health IT scene. Since I invested so much of myself trying to help make this happen, I am very thankful to see this groundswell.

T2 When you think about the #hcldr community, what are thankful for? What impact has #hcldr had on you personally/professionally?

Frankly, at the beginning of this year I wasn’t a member of the HCLDR tribe. Healthcare Leadership is about way more than health IT, so I focused on the HITSM community. But then something interesting happened. Substantive discussions of workflow began happening outside of the health IT community. In particular, the workflow topics I am so interesting in began intersecting with a wide variety of discussions about patient experience, from wellness to cancer care to home care, workflow ideas, sometimes called life-flows, sometimes customer journeys or experience maps. And so I began to see HCLDR as a potential natural home. That is what I am thankful for, an astute and collegial audience willing to talk about workflow, in all its manifestations and appellations.

T3 What other online formats or in-person events would you like to see from #hcldr?

Obviously, more use Blab and Periscope in and around HCLDR tweet chats. I think we got off to a rocky start, fellow Blitter and Pwitter addict @Jimmie_Vanagon. :) But I do believe that HCLDR can leverage these social video platforms in creative and useful ways.

In particular, I’d love HCLDR to take another (experimental) look at simulcasting the tweetchat and video. I’ve Blabbed and Periscoped both during and after HCLDR. But more important, I’m seeing more and more tweetchat folks on blabs and the topic invariably comes up: Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have the best of a tweetchat and the best of a Blab (or Periscope) and the same time! I really to think that (A) there are a small of best practices that could make this works, and (B) BOTH the tweetchat and Blab could benefit.

T4 In the next year what would you like to see #hcldr start doing/stop doing?

See T3! :)

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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