Blab’s Extraordinary Potential For Healthcare & Upcoming Blabs

At 2PM EST today, @jimmie_vanagon is blabbing with @PopHealthChick (and whoever else shows up) about Direct Primary Care. From 12PM Noon EST to 1PM EST is the weekly #HITsm tweetchat (about Personal Health Records). So I thought I’d schedule a Blab from 1PM to 2PM. Here is that link: After #HITsm: Blab’s Extraordinary Potential 4 Healthcare, Plus Upcoming Blabs! If you’ve not tried blab, just click it and you’ll use you Twitter account to register. Subscribe for reminders, or just show up! Showing up means following the link at 1PM (and 2PM) in a Blab compatible browser. Folks seem to have the best luck with Chrome. Safari does not. Supposedly Firefox does (but I’ve had no luck).

Jim (”Johnny”) Legan’s blab is about alternatives to traditional insurance in providing primary care. I’ll be there, sort of “Ed McMahon” to Jim’s “Johnny Carson.” My blab just before his is about anything anyone shows up wants it to be about. I do hope it has something to to with healthcare or information technology or, ideally, both. But hey, I’m flexible. In fact, the most frequent topic of conversation on Blab seems to be about Blab itself: its potential in healthcare, its idiosyncrasies and workarounds, and just sort of friendly joking around.

By the way, there are interesting workflow angles to direct primary care.

“The DPC model demands software that is very different from traditional EHRs…. practice patterns are continuing to evolve particularly as new technologies open up care models that weren’t possible before. Consequently, the ability to easily modify workflow, templates, etc is vital.” (Direct Primary Care: Technology Trends Supporting DPC and Requirements)

And there are also interesting connections among direct primary care, personal health records (subject of the HITsm tweetchat), and patient portals. PHRs and portals are not the same, but are often confused (). I think there are some interesting patient and physician workflow issues here as well.

Regarding “Blab’s Incredible Potential For Healthcare,” I’ve been party to several fascinating discussions. The first thing many first-time blabbers remark about is, wow, wouldn’t Blab be great for including patients in discussions of their care with other members of the care team. And then just as immediately, wow, what about privacy issues! We’ve even had expert health IT lawyers give us their opinions without charging us a dime!

The second topic is a favorite of mine. It’s a very selfish topic. How can I use Blab, Periscope, Twitter, and blogging together to maximize my enjoyment, education, and networking with intelligent and fascinating people? Yes, it’s a selfish topic, but I think other’s are interested too. There’s a lot of interesting ideas and trial balloons being floated about in this regard…

For examples of lots of other uses of Blab and Periscope in healthcare see several of my recent blog posts.

I’d like to mention several other scheduled blabs you may be interested in.

And of course my own “bridge” blab between the end of HITsm tweetchat and the beginning of @Jimmie_Vanagon’s blab about Direct Primary Care. If no one shows up, I’ll just let it run and get some work done. If you show up, we can hang out in the “Green Room” waiting for today’s Healthcare and Health IT (I’m sure it will come up!) main event at 2PM EST.

Maybe we’ll even talk about some of what I’ve written about in this blog post!

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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