Awesome Blab About #HCLDR Tweetchat Last Night! Great Insights For The Future

There was a wonderful discussion on blab last night after the HCLDR tweetchat (here’s Colin’s tee-up blog post about the HCLDR community and giving thanks) about how Blab and tweetchats can work together for the benefit of both. I was present at the beginning, but excused myself when my wife arrived from business trip. Much of the discussion is consistent with my pre-#HCLDR tweet chat blog post. I even drew a diagram of how Blab and a tweetchat might fit together, workflow-wise. :)

I listened to the blab twice. Once through and then a second time to transcribe and paraphrase those portions of the blab that were about how Blab and tweet chats might be combined. The following is NOT a word for word transcription (though bits and pieces occasionally may be). It’s a mashup of transcription, paraphrases, syntheses, and occasionally interjections (signified by brackets starting with CW as in [CW: ....]) I encourage you to watch the original. The material below reflects conversation starting about 12 minutes into the Blab.

By the way, I regard this as a seminal discussion. While I’ve seen about a half a dozen blabs so far in which these topics are explored, this is by far the most serious continuous exploration of how to combine Blab and tweet chats into single “thing”.

J: @Jimmie_Vanagon
P: @pfanderson
N: @Natrice
C: @Colin_Hung
CW: Me (@wareFLO, after the fact)

J (to C): Could Blab accentuate HCLDR tweetchats?

P: You’d need multiple moderators. Need best practices for viewers too. I like Twitter in foreground while listening to audio in background and then selectively respond. Others may prefer visual, but then they can’t tweet.

C: It is hard to blab and tweet at same time (when I participated in a previous Blab with Jim and Chuck during a previous HCLDR tweetchat)

N (to C): You did it with aplomb!

C: Dennis [over in the right hand audience activity stream] has interesting suggestion, how about adding T5 over a Blab? Kind of what we’ve been doing with Jimmie and Chuck, recapping the previous tweetchat. Blab allows for more reflection, exploration deeper into the topic. Certainly something we can investigate.

P: During Google Hangouts, tweets occur reactively to what is being discussed in the hangout. The Hangouts moderator is scanning the tweets and bringing them to the attention of the speakers. The guest speakers could then react to the posed Twitter chat questions. One can also ask viewers to live tweet some of the video. (I’m down to 3 percent: Bye!)

C: Blab could be a great way to organize a virtual conference

[CW: Thank Colin for mentioning The First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference!].

The panel on screen could draw question and comments in from Twitter and other social platforms

[CW: interesting! Which other social platforms could work with Blab: Instagram? Pinterest? Co-host could hold tablet displaying image or video up the screen to get blabbers and tweetchat participant reactions]

[Blab and tweetchat together] might work. You’ve got live tweeting, tweeting snippets from the blab into the tweetchat, where the audience is larger. I could definitely see that work, especially when you have guests. You could have a more intimate discussion with them on the blab and that could generate a lot of tweets.

Patricia had a good idea about the host drawing questions in from the tweetchat.

J: Comparing blab to tweet chats, you may not have as many folks participate in the blab, but folks can watch the recorded video.

[CW: And I do! For example, I not only watched this Blab twice, I transcribed it and wrote this blog post. Frankly, I never read tweetchat transcripts after the fact.]

N: Recorded video can be shared afterward as well.

J: I realize you can storify a tweetchat, and create transcripts and so forth…

C: Blab and Twitter very different. Blab more like TV, like Meet the Press. I could become something. [cites example of Jim's recent blab (number one in live viewers on Blab during that time slot) on Direct Primary Care]. Plus Dr. Nick brought up possibility of patient panels on Blab… that would be incredible.

[CW: as long as privacy issues are handled well, which was discussed at length during the blab in which Colin and Dr. Nick participated]

N: It really is powerful to see the faces (on Blab). Another thing, it advertises the tweetchat you just had. It might bring folks on blab to the tweetchat. Lots of people don’t understand how great Twitter is. Blab could help.

Also, sometimes things can seem offensive on Twitter. But on Blab you see the people and you hear their voice and you think, “Oh, he/she is not so bad after all!”

J: Good point. Maybe we can get people together from different social media, and they could connect and find commonalities they don’t even realize until they meet on Blab.

C: I get to go to a lot of conferences and meet tweeps face-to-face, but most don’t get to do that, so Blab is the next best thing.

[CW: I go to quite a few conferences too, and I actually go farther. I find Blab superior to meeting at conferences face-to-face in some ways. Blab discussions are longer, more on point, and vetted (by viewers) in ways that IRL (In Real Life) scarcely approaches.]

So you’re right Natrice. When you meet face to face, when you see their tweets, you can hear their voice.

N: I’ve met so many wonderful people through social media and I admire Colin because he seems quiet and shy, but once he gets going he’s rocking the beat too.

C: I get asked what’s the difference between Blab and Google Hangouts. Blab is more intimate because limited to four people on the screen at one time. Blab is like a panel while Google Hangouts is like a conference call. Hangouts seem much more formal.

[CW: Personally, I find Blab to be like a cocktail party, you join a small group, topics pivot and then pivot again, and folks overhear and interject and join and then leave.]

C: Again, I get to go to a lot of conferences and meet tweeps face-to-face and here on blab I get that same feeling, for example, even though I’ve not met you Jim, I feel like I know you.

To me it’s a preference for medium. Some people like Instagram or Pinterest… just not me…

Blab feels like Twitter in its early days.

N: As a world, we need to draw together. The things that are happening in the world are really scary. The more we pull together…. its important, really important.

J: [Interesting discussion of how Jim was shooting a periscope of some Montana scenery. This was just after the recent Paris tragedy, and J. just wanted to put it out of his mind, but she wanted to talk about it. Which they did. And both benefited. From just a Periscope of some pretty scenery.]

I like Blab a bit more than Periscope because I can schedule Blab and tweet it out several times before hand.

However, tonight’s blab was completely spontaneous. We weren’t even going to do it, because Chuck’s wife would have been walking in his door when it started. But then Patricia expressed interest. In fact I think both Chuck and I started up blab at the same time!

[CW: LOL!]

J and N: Patricia seemed to like the blab by the end and she’d be great on blab.

C: Who will really like Blab are the podcasters. But unlike traditional podcasts, with blab you have the ability to have an open mike, so folks from the audience can participate.

N: Well, good night, it was a blast!

J: Thank you Natrice and Colin and everyone in the right for joining. And thank you for the tweetchat Colin, that was wonderful fun tonight.

[CW: Followed by more leave taking, funny thing about Blab, I've seen lots of Blabs that seemingly were about to end, multiple times, but then just keep going on and on! Cool!]

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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