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Give BPM A Chance: Medical Informatics Should Add Business Process Management To Its Toolkit

Good BPM and WfMS technology insight from @wareFLO during #AMIA2015
— Geeta Nayyar, MD MBA (@gnayyar) November 16, 2015

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) conference occurs this week in San Francisco. I’ve attended and occasionally spoken at this annual gathering of several thousand thought leaders. Ever since SCAMC (out of which the conference evolved) I’ve [...]

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Radiology, Service Design, Servicescapes, and Scenography: The Workflow of Patient and Family-Centered Care

I’m delighted to see @Jim_Rawson_MD on the Healthcare Leadership tweetchat this week, having met him this spring at the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference. He tweeted something very nice about me, which I cannot resist embedding here!
@wareFLO Inspires #SHS2015 flights of imagination with his presentation. Awesome!
— Jim Rawson MD (@Jim_Rawson_MD) February 20, 2015

Looking [...]

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Low-Code Cross-Device Native Mobile Health Workflow Apps via Business Process Management

One of the things I love about HIMSS mHealth conferences are all the resources for software developers of mobile apps for health. In line with that theme I’d like to describe a new (to healthcare) way to create great mobile health apps with great workflow (Hey, I wouldn’t write about it otherwise!).
Low-Code Cross-Device Native [...]

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Workflow Usability Principles for Health IT Tools: EHRs, Apps, Platforms

This post is prompted by [#HITsm Chat 11.6.15] Usability Principles for Health IT Tools. I’ll be simulcasting using Periscope during the #HITsm chat and will post link here, once it exists! (Unlike Blab, Periscopes can be scheduled yet.)
As usual, I interpret the questions within a healthcare workflow technology context.
Relative to workflow usability principles, [...]

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From Bed Management To Workflow Management and Experience Orchestration

What kind of conference do I enjoy most? Apparently, a TeleTracking 2015 Client Conference, which I attended last week in Nevada. As a premed-accounting major (only one I’ve ever heard of), TeleTracking was full of customer success stories about reduced costs and increased revenues. With an MS in Industrial Engineering, TeleTracking was full of IE [...]

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