My Free 12/3 Webinar: Wellness Through Workflow: How Structured Messaging Contributes to Better Patient Experience

[BTW, I've scheduled a Blab about Workflow and Patient Experience (any angle!) immediately after the webinar, at 2PM EST, Thursday 12/3. Make both or either! Here's the 1PM EST webinar registration link.]

At the very beginning of my three-decade love affair with healthcare workflow and workflow technology (hard to believe its been that long!) I studied “structured messaging” systems. They were academic research projects, not commercial healthcare products. In healthcare today, when someone hears “structured,” folks usually think of structured data, not structured workflow. Structured messaging is as much about structured workflow as it is structured data. And the usual word you hear before “messaging” is “secure,” for obvious reasons. However, recently, I’m hearing “structured messaging” more-and-more frequently.

So I was delighted when @TelmedIQ asked if I’d present a free online webinar about workflow, patient experience, and structured messaging, on Thursday, December 3rd, at 1PM EST. Here is the registration link and below are some of the details of what I will talk about.

By the way, right after the webinar, at 2PM EST, I’m hosting an informal Blab (kinda like Google Hangouts, but waay more fun! Here’s a bit of info about Blab, plus the related social video service Periscope). Please come to either or both. If you’ve not tried Blab yet, just go to this link to create an account automatically from your Twitter account, and then subscribe (so it will remind you when it starts).

Wellbeing Through Workflow:
How Structured Messaging Contributes to Better Patient Experience

Delivering an exceptional patient experience in modern healthcare environments is more critical than ever, and the number of opportunities to deliver it has increased exponentially. Modern patient experience extends far beyond traditional bedside manner, and now encompasses the sum of all interactions that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.

Specifically, I’ll cover:

  • The direct and indirect impact of healthcare workflow on patient experience
  • The systems, technology, and processes healthcare organizations can utilize to improve workflow
  • How structured messaging and healthcare communications platforms facilitate better patient care

One more thing! I’m so interested in workflow, I even make workflow art! This blog post begins with my artistic interpretation of workflow. Workflow is a series of steps, consuming resources, achieving a goal. The spheres are workflow tasks and activities, arranged as ascending steps, ascending toward a goal. The steps do not proceed in straight line, since real world workflows are sinewy and serpentine, figuratively speaking. The steps overlap, just as tasks and activities often do. Each step is supported by resources, namely the supporting columns.

After the webinar and blab, I will add the name or Twitter handle of whoever tweets most about the webinar or blab, and print and send them their prize. The hashtag? #POWHIT (click it, it’s really a hashtag!), which stands for People and Organizations fixing Workflow with Health Information Technology.

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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