The First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference!

First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference!

Date: TBD
Location: Everywhere, including your pocket
Hashtag: #HCblab?
Registration: Free! (Just show up!)

Call For Proposals:

We take great pleasure in inviting you to present at and/or attend the First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference. This will be the most exciting healthcare and health IT live-streaming social media event of the year. Our committees are working to ensure a varied program focusing on healthcare, information technology, and social media, all of which will be delivered via live streaming social media, especially Blab and Periscope (but also potentially covering similar live-streaming social media, such as Meerkat).

Tweet or DM your proposals to @Jimmie_Vanagon or me (@wareFLO).

If you have any questions about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact Chuck Webster, MD (@wareFLO, or Jimmie Legan, MD (@Jimmie_Vanagon,

Your presence at this conference is important to us. We look forward to seeing your there.


Jimmie Legan, MD
Co-Chair, Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference

Chuck Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS
Co-Chair, Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference


Is this announcement for real? What date should we pick? How long should the conference be? What should be the conference format? The following are some ideas we’re throwing out for discussion.

A half day on Saturday, say 10AM to 2PM EST, seems to us to be a reasonable compromise, re day of week, time zones, and time commitment. Three parallel tracks — healthcare, technology, and social media — seems to cover all the necessary bases. If we are inundated (we hope we are!) with ideas and proposals for presentations and panels, then we can run sessions in parallel. If we aren’t inundated :( then we can consolidate tracks down two or one tracks.

We envision a mix of prescheduled Blab and Periscope online streaming sessions. Periscope will be used for solo presentations and plenary keynotes. Blab will be used for panel discussions. While we want to plan ahead and prepare as much great content as possible, we also realize that Periscope and Blab are ideal for spontaneous get togethers. So, at the risk of considerable online social media mayhem, we encourage attendees who are not on the “official” schedule to get bees in their bonnets and ’scope and blab before, during, and after the conference.

And of course Twitter will be used for a myriad of things, from conference announcements (”such and such a panel is starting NOW at this URL…”), to audience kibitzing and peanut throwing, to stuff we can’t even imagine at this time. But that’s how Twitter was and is, and how Blab and Periscope are and becoming. We see the First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference as a means to fan the collective and individual creative flames of a nascent healthcare, health IT, and health live-streaming social media community.

Who knows what will happen? Jimmie and I certainly don’t. But we do know it will be very, very fun!!


If you are new to live streaming or don’t even have a Periscope or Blab account, the following is an example of the kind of panel interaction we hope to see at the conference. The topic was Coping with Death in Healthcare, and was moderated by Jimmie Legan, MD, during a recent Healthcare Leadership tweet chat. 37 people showed up to this impromptu interactive video chat!


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