Friday Noon #HITsm Tweet Chat About Periscope and Blab in Health, Healthcare & Health IT

[Briefly: monitor #HITsm on Twitter from noon to 1:00 PM EST on Friday, October 30th. Watch for the following questions and weigh in! T1: What are healthcare privacy issues re Periscope and Blab? T2: How would you use Periscope or Blab-like interactive video in healthcare? T3: How is video social media psychologically different than text-based social media? T4: How could Periscope or Blab help during a zombie apocalypse? T5: Any workflow issues integrating Periscope or Blab-like interactive video into healthcare scenarios? Then tweet your comments while including the #HITsm hashtag! Don't forget @Jimmie_Vanagon's blab immediately after! Here are more instructions on the HL7 Standards website.]

Thank you Michelle (@michnoteboom) and Chad (@OchoTex) at @HealthStandards, from @Jimmie_Vanagon and myself (@wareFLO), for this opportunity chat about interactive social video streaming apps and services, such as Periscope and Blab, during the weekly Friday #HITsm tweetchat (Noon EST).

Both Periscope and Blab allow broadcasters to quickly and easily stream live video. Both leverage Twitter (Periscope is owned by Twitter) to announce video activity. Viewers can make text comments directed toward the broadcasters or other viewers. Viewers indicate “likes” while watching (floating hearts and applause indicators). “Scopers” and “blabbers” can follow each other, getting notifications of when broadcasts are scheduled or go live. Periscope is great for video selfies or interviews, giving people tours (such local attractions), and overviews of ongoing activities (crafts, hobbies…). Blab is great for creating instant, pop-up talk shows, in a Hollywood squares format (though there are only four squares).

As has been the case with many technologies, including social technologies, imaginative minds in healthcare and health IT are seeing a myriad of uses for services such as Periscope and Blab. Periscope and Blab have obvious uses in marketing and public relations, but this tweet chat is about non-marketing uses of Periscope and Blab (and similar services) in health, healthcare, and health IT. I mention healthcare in addition to health IT because since Periscope and Blab are IT, when they are used in health and healthcare they are examples of health IT.

I’ve now seen scores of different uses of Periscope and Blab (plus as many suggested applications) falling into the non-marketing use of Periscope and Blab category. Here is a (non-mutually exclusive) list of general use cases.

  • Interactive broadcasting and conversation about health and healthcare: Health education, physical fitness, patient community building and support, CDC public service announcements and crisis management (”In case of zombies, don’t panic, just follow these simple precautions, any questions? Really? Right now? We’ll send someone over right away.”)
  • Interactive broadcasting and conversation about health IT. (I’d have used Periscope and Blab in a big way when I taught medical informatics courses. I use Periscope to broadcast interviews from health IT conference and to stream my own presentations there as well.)
  • Obtaining data from Periscope and Blab for public health and crisis management purposes. (I’ve already seen interactive maps of video streams of growing, moving hurricanes. Wind velocity and damage assessments could be derived in real-time from this kind of video evidence.)
  • Finally, when application programming interfaces for widely available interactive social video streaming services become available, I think we’ll see an explosion of creativity, creating new and unusual mashups of interactive social video streaming with other traditional and non-traditional health IT platforms. For example, a dermatologist might start a broadcast with “I’ve never seen a skin lesion like this before: Help!” And hundreds of bored dermatologists around the world might tune in. Or, in the case of a patient, “I’m about to get a diagnosis I’m afraid of… is anyone available to go with me?”

I’ve scoped hundreds of times, mostly about personal stuff and tours of my home town. I’ve blabbed a couple of dozen times. I am truly excited about this this technology. I must be, since this is the only sentence in which I utter my favorite word: Workflow.

Anyhoo, here are some of my recent blog posts about Periscope and Blab, plus my #HITsm questions, put together with the help of @Jimmie_Vanagon, who, by the way, is having a blab (Interactive Video Streaming Health IT after #HITsm w/@jimmie_vanagon & @wareFLO < Chrome please!) immediately after the October 30th, #HITsm chat. Please join us! The blab will be an extension of #HITsm conversation, plus a tutorial about how to use Blab. If you've been thinking you need to get around to investigating this crazy new stuff, this is the idea moment. We hope you'll take a seat and.... BLAB!

#HITsm questions:

T1: What are the obvious (and non-obvious) privacy issues of using Periscope and Blab in healthcare? Can they be managed? How?

T2: If you had access to Periscope and Blab APIs (plus money and resources) what kind of interactive video streaming system would you build? (or would like to see built)

T3. Psychologically, how are Periscope and Blab different from Twitter and Facebook? Relevance to health, healthcare, or health IT?

T4. If you were on the run during a zombie apocalypse, how would you prefer CDC reach you? Twitter, Facebook, Periscope or Blab?

T5. Are there any interesting workflow issues weaving Periscope/Blab-like functionality into traditional HIT systems?

P.S. I know. I lied. About the workflow thing.

Blab Profile. (so you can follow me there!)
Periscope Profile (you’ll need the iOS or Android app to follow me)

Blab Profile. (so you can follow Jim there!)
Periscope Profile (you’ll need the iOS or Android app to follow Jim)

P.S. Periscope of DC sunrise morning of #HITsm tweetchat during which I talk about the tweetchat and invite scopers to it.

P.S.S. Here is an example of using Blab during the recent National Health IT Week.

P.S.S.S. Practice Blab 9:30 AM EST morning of the Friday noon EST #HITsm tweetchat and post tweetchat Blab (1 PM EST). Might require Chrome to view.

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