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The First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference!

1st Annual #Blab & #Periscope Healthcare Online Conference! w/@jimmie_vanagon! #HITsm #HCDLR
— Charles Webster MD (@wareFLO) October 16, 2015

First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference!
Date: TBD
Location: Everywhere, including your pocket
Hashtag: #HCblab?
Registration: Free! (Just show up!)
Call For Proposals:
We take great pleasure in inviting you to present at and/or attend the First Annual [...]

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The Health Information Exchange, Workflow, Business Process Management Angle

This week’s #HITsm chat is about Health Information Exchanges. Which is great!
If you cross-index “Health Information Exchange” with “workflow” in Google there are over 100,000 hits! Of course, I take every opportunity to pivot from healthcare workflow to healthcare workflow technology. The purest example of workflow technology is Business Process Management (BPM), until recently seldom [...]

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Heavy Emphasis on ‘Workflow’ In Cerner Health Conference #CHC15 Twitter Stream

Can't help notice large number of workflow related tweets on #CHC15 thread. Might be interesting to collect & embed!
— Charles Webster MD (@wareFLO) October 13, 2015

And so that is exactly what I did! I’m sure there will be more tweets about workflow from the Cerner Health Conference. I’ll archive them here. If there’s enough, [...]

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It’s The Workflow: Four Questions About National Health IT Week

This is my long-form discussion of this week’s #HITsm questions about the just finishing incredible National Health IT Week (#NHITweek). Before I get into those details, I just want to let you know I hope you’ll join me for a “blab” immediately after today’s (Friday) #HITsm tweetchat from Noon to 1PM EST.
After today's #HITsm [...]

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Replay Mid National Health IT Week Blab: Many Thanks to Participants!

Many thanks to everyone who showed to our mid-week National Health IT Week blab, Wednesday, 2PM EST, 2015. About eight folks took turns in the hot seat, so to speak. The rest asked excellent questions and, in several cases, gave us technical advice. Special thanks to @cfisherappian (Upper left: for getting the blab listed an [...]

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