Join Our Blab Wednesday at 2PM EST! Mid National Health IT Week Blab!

[Update: Jared Johnson (@jaredpiano), of Ultera, will be co-moderating. This will be some relief to some since I tend to gravitate toward workflow like a paranoid gravitates toward aliens. Also, many thanks to Christina Fisher (@cfisherAppian), of @Appian for getting this blab listed as an official NHIT Week event (which I could not, since I am not a corporate partner).]

National Health IT Week is October 5th-9th and there’s lots going on, including an opportunity to participate in the hottest new social media craze: Live streaming! Come blab about healthcare digital transformation with us on Wednesday, October 7th, at 2PM EST. What’s been great about National Health IT Week so far, and what are you looking forward to during the remainder of the week.


I believe you’ll need either the Blab at on iPhone or iPad, or FireFox or Chrome browser (which I use!) on the desktop. Tweet me at @wareFLO if you have any questions about setting things up. If you’ve not used Blab before, this is an excellent opportunity to dip your toe in in the live streaming water, so to speak. It’s sort of like Hollywood Squares, but with just four squares. Up to four peeps can stream interactive live video into these squares. Many more can watch and comment in Twitter-like activity stream off to the right. When a “seat” (video square) vacates, just click on it to become one of the four talking heads. Here’s an article about Blab if you need to know more before participating. And, of course, you can just head over to Blab and watch a few blabs to see what they are.

Click on the link in the tweet below. Join Blab if you need to (especially easy if you have a Twitter account). Subscribe to this particular scheduled blab. (I then usually bookmark the blab.) And then show up! Easy-peasy!

Hope to see you! And be sure to bring your National Health IT Week musings! BTW, one question I may ask everyone is, “What’s Your Favorite #NHITweek tweet so far?”

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