The Health Information Exchange, Workflow, Business Process Management Angle

This week’s #HITsm chat is about Health Information Exchanges. Which is great!

If you cross-index “Health Information Exchange” with “workflow” in Google there are over 100,000 hits! Of course, I take every opportunity to pivot from healthcare workflow to healthcare workflow technology. The purest example of workflow technology is Business Process Management (BPM), until recently seldom seen in healthcare. Sooo…

I cross-indexed “Health Information Exchange” with “BPM”. The following are quotes, paraphrases, images and links from this search.


Business Process Management and Customizable Workflows

SyntraNet proves a powerful standards-based business process management engine to define and manage business processes based on process graphs. Process graphs support complex workflow patterns and standard patterns can be assembled together to define extremely complex processes.

Unlike “free-form” process definition languages based on sequencing series of activities, business processes defined with process graphs can be validated and analyzed to detect process problems and bottlenecks.

SyntraNet provides a library of standard process definitions for administrative, clinical, revenue management, and patient facing workflows.”

The following is off of the IBM website. BPM has a key place in their HIE marketecture.



“HIXNY, for its part, is aiming to extend its SOA framework to include business process management and business activity monitoring.”

Health Information Exchange Critical But Suffers From Complications

“Siemens is employing business process management middleware from Tibco, which automates processes that can be handled automatically and tracks the workflow of those requiring manual intervention until they are complete. Siemens uses the same software in other industries … “Healthcare is among the last industries to get business process management

The Quest For Population Health Management

“With many HIEs having their functional roots as interface engines/integration brokers, they can also potentially provide some of the workflow, process coordination and business process management required as organizations drive towards becoming accountable care organizations (ACOs).”

Health Information Exchange Functionality and Technology Selection Criteria

Not Health Information Exchange, but rather an Health Insurance Exchange, none the less I was impressed to see “Business Process Management” mentioned 27 times.

State of Ohio Health Insurance  Exchange Planning: Strategic Architecture Blueprints Report  

And back on the IBM website…

“you likely want to integrate the IBM WebSphere Process Server for human-centric BPM around the NHIN specifications. The ESB tied with the Process Server is a powerful combination that can enable NHIN Direct as it matures”

An overview of NHIN and NHIN Direct for software developers

You get the basic idea. Business Process Management, the modern day descendent of the workflow management systems I’ve been working with for decades (but is still practically unknown in healthcare), is finally infiltrating into health IT.

And this is a very good thing.

I hope you’ll catch up on this remarkable technology by reading one or both of my recent 5-part series!

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