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Friday Noon #HITsm Tweet Chat About Periscope and Blab in Health, Healthcare & Health IT

[Briefly: monitor #HITsm on Twitter from noon to 1:00 PM EST on Friday, October 30th. Watch for the following questions and weigh in! T1: What are healthcare privacy issues re Periscope and Blab? T2: How would you use Periscope or Blab-like interactive video in healthcare? T3: How is video social media psychologically different than text-based [...]

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Periscope And Blab For Health IT Marketing & Public Relations: November’s HITMC Tweetchat (11/3 Noon EST)

Many thanks to @TechGuy for this opportunity to contribute questions to the HIT Marketing and PR tweet chat (#HITMC, 11/3, Tuesday, Noon EST). My frequent Blab colleague-in-arms @Jimmie_Vanagon may, or may not, briefly appear: HE’S SEEING PATIENTS!
My five questions appear at the end of this post, but they evolve out of a conversation [...]

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Notes For CMIOchat Tweetchat on Road to Interoperability That I’m Going to Miss (Boo-Hoo!)

For Important tweet chats (such as #CMIOchat) I actually prepare notes and sometimes a pre-tweetchat blog post. Unfortunately it is an hour to the chat and I forgot I have to head out the door to pick up someone at the airport!
Notes For #CMIOchat Tweetchat on Road to Interoperability I’m Going to Miss 2nite [...]

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Business Process Management at the AHIP National Conferences on Medicare & Medicaid

The AHIP National Conference on Medicare & Medicaid just took place in Washington, DC. You can think of this as the public program version of the AHIP Institute conference I attended in Nashville during June. That conference focused on commercial health insurance payers and health plans. This conference focused on multi-billion dollar federally-funded health plans [...]

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Tribes and Silos in Social Media: Twitter, Blab, Periscope and other Examples

I got truly excited when I found out the topic for this week’s Healthcare Leadership tweetchat: Tribes and silos in healthcare. I’ve written about healthcare silos at length, specifically “workflow silos” on the @HL7Standards blog. I’ve been in silos, back on the family farm in NW Illinois (they are dangerous!). And I’ve talked about mental [...]

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