Periscope Helped Me Change My Hubcaps! Real-time Crowdsourced Healthcare Social Media Problem-Solving?

I’m fascinated by Twitter’s Periscope real-time video streaming to self-selecting viewers. If privacy, security, and real-time search challenges can be met, Periscope (and similar services like Meerkat) may become real-time crowdsourced social problem-solving models for healthcare. Before you jump all over me, because I’m suggesting something so ridiculous, check out the following thirteen-minute Periscope I archived to Youtube.

More or less as a joke, I simply tweeted “replacing my hubcaps” from Periscope on my smartphone…

…and 43 people showed to watch! So I kept the camera rolling, as my bro-in-law helped me put on new replacement hubcaps. (Below is annotated Periscope screenshot. Youtube video comes after.)


The magic begins about 10 minutes in (where the following video starts). We are frustrated and about to give up, when Anton Kleban, from Manchester, UK (was 2AM there!), steps in. Anton starts giving suggestions. He pleads with us, “Listen!!”, “I’m in the motor trade!” By the end of the video my new hubcaps were installed and I’m offering to buy Anton a beer, if he’s ever in Washington, DC. (Increase your Youtube video resolution and size if you want to read the incoming commentary helping us install the hubcaps!)

You can hear me talking to myself at the end of the video (though who knows how many were still listening in!). What an interesting example of real-time crowdsource social-media enabled problem solving!

Could this work, or be adapted, in healthcare? Obviously, there are all kinds of privacy, security and real-time search issues. But just imagine, if those obstacles could be overcome…. A doctor could Periscope, “I’m looking at a skin lesion I’ve never seen before #dermatology” and a thousand physicians tune in. A patient could Periscope, “I’m about to get a diagnosis I’m afraid of…. #cancer” and a thousand patients tune in, take notes, and offer support. Of course, I know, privacy, security and real-time search… but… What if?!

P.S. I’d just like add a few links here. Over the last few years I’ve experimented with almost real-time video uploaded/streamed from camera’s clipped to ball caps (Hatcam!) and Google Glass (10 Top Uses For Google Glass In Health IT Marketing). The following are just some recent Periscopes, archived as Youtube videos. Plus associated tweets.

@wareFLO admits he’s clueless noobie on Periscope

My Wearable Workflow Presentation at 2015 BPM Summit #BPMCM15

(In the above video, the combo of slides and me works pretty well. Usually I have to choose one or the other to emphasize, in similar past videos.)

I #HITmc tweetchat & #periscope at same time!

World War 2 Memorial Periscope Archive

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