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Healthcare Trade-offs, Shared Decision Making, Vulcan Mind-melds, and a Marriage Metaphor

This post is prompted by Colin Hung’s excellent introduction to healthcare trade-offs setting the stage for this week’s #HCLDR tweetchat.
What difficult health decision have you had to make? How did you decide path forward? #hcldr
— Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) July 28, 2015

When I tweet or write or talk about workflow, I tend to [...]

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Periscope Helped Me Change My Hubcaps! Real-time Crowdsourced Healthcare Social Media Problem-Solving?

I’m fascinated by Twitter’s Periscope real-time video streaming to self-selecting viewers. If privacy, security, and real-time search challenges can be met, Periscope (and similar services like Meerkat) may become real-time crowdsourced social problem-solving models for healthcare. Before you jump all over me, because I’m suggesting something so ridiculous, check out the following thirteen-minute Periscope I [...]

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