Modern BPM Application Platforms Are The LittleBits Of The Enterprise World (I Just Realized!)

Sometimes you don’t know why you like something; you just do! I’ve often wondered why I’m so fascinated by workflow. I loved Cheaper By The Dozen when I was a kid (workflow efficiency experts). In college I loved anything involving sequences of symbols (organic chem!). And so I love the whole “low-code” style of snapping together software, so well illustrated by modern BPM application platforms.

I also love LittleBits. They’re collections of small, compatible, electromechanical gadgets that can be snapped together into, well, workflows! Actually, the analogy only just struck me. Sometimes you don’t know why you like something, until you realize the underlying similarity with all the other stuff you like! :)

LittleBits are so cool. You can make robots, automatic pet feeders, buzzers that scream when you open the fridge (ha!). You can control them from across the room lots of ways (sound, IR, wireless) and they can even talks to clouds! In fact, as modern Business Process Management (BPM) application platforms are increasingly used to manage the Internet Of Things, I’m just waiting … Who will be the first BPM vender to add LittleBits to its portfolio of software adapters and drag-and-droppable visual programming icons?!

P.S. The National Maker Faire is in just a few days, here in DC. I’ll be there, walking around with my heavily modded LittleBits carrying case… modded so my pet project, Mr. RIMP, has a seat of honor, peering out at an exciting Maker Movement world!

P.S. I’m always trying to connect with Makers in the health IT community. Checkout all my #HIMSSmakers tweets during the HIMSS15 conference. This week I’m at the AHIP Institute conference in Nashville. I’ll be hanging around the Appian booth (1316). Stop by!

P.S.S. Here’s Chris from Appian demoing and riffing on the LittleBits/BPM connection!

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