Appian “BPM for Healthcare” AHIP Institute Provider Management Demo

Please watch the best use of Google Glass I’ve found yet: recording a booth visit! In this case, to the Appian booth (1316) at the AHIP Institute. Stop by for your own demo. Tell them Chuck sent you. Please!

In this case, Doug, a sales engineer at Appian, explains, while demoing, how to create an awesome health plan mobile provider membership app… WITHOUT HAVING TO WRITE ANY COMPUTER CODE! Sorry, I had to all caps that… This is exactly what I am taking about when I blow the workflow technology horn, AKA modern BPM application platform. (BPM stands for Business Process Management).

I’ll keep this blog post short. Except to say, if you are a health IT app developer, PREPARE TO BE WOWED! :) (Read more about what I have to say about Appian here and here.)

Be sure to increase your video resolution to the max, because you’ll want to pause it at various points, to more closely examine the application designer screens.

P.S. Here’s the Appian “BPM for Healthcare” data sheet.

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