10 Reasons Health Plans Should Double-Down on Modern Business Process Management

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The following is a special series of related blog posts about the virtues of modern Business Process Management for solving current pressing health plan and payer IT problems. I’ll be the AHIP Institute in Nashville over June 3-5. (If you’re not attending, AHIP stands for American Health Insurance Plans.)

10 Reasons Health Plans Should Double-Down on Modern Business Process Management

I’ve just completed a project. I looked at every AHIP Institute exhibitor website. I searched for a wide variety of synonyms for workflow technology (BPM, workflow engines, process orchestration, that sort of thing). Guess what? I found it. Health insurance is relatively advanced in adopting process-aware technologies. But the funny thing is that you really don’t hear about it much. I think there are a couple reasons.

First of all, BPM is often the secret sauce that makes health plan processes and workflows agile, integrated, transparent, and engaging. Second of all, because BPM is still a technically ‘geeky’ IT topic, it’s not often trotted out for marketing purposes. As a healthcare workflow geek, I’m trying to change this. Hence my series of blog posts.

For the rest of this series, I’ll list benefits of applying modern BPM technology to traditional health plan and payer IT. To put it most succinctly (but to be unpacked in later posts):

“Orchestrating information and business processes across critical back-end systems to ensure both health plan providers and members have smooth, seamless experiences in their dealings with their insurer is the key to success in today’s customer-driven health insurance market.” (@cfisherappian)

I’ll be (mostly) hanging around the Appian booth (1316). Stop be, say hi, and talk shop about healthcare workflow!

P.S. I really mean it, when I say stop by so we can talk healthcare workflow shop! :)

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