Watch For My Tweets, Photos, Videos From Appian World 2015 Monday Thru Wednesday!

I’ve been to every Appian World so far! (Is that five, six, or seven?) Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@wareFLO) or reads my posts here or on the Healthcare Business Process Management Blog, know I’m a fan of modern Business Process Management tech in healthcare. While I go on about the need for healthcare to move to workflow platforms, Appian is not just a workflow platform, it’s that and more, it’s what they call a modern Work Platform. For more on this distinction, watch this space (or better yet, follow at my just advertised Twitter account).

I presented at Appian World 14 about Google Glass, and a prototype integration with Appian (for hospital environmental services task management). Here is my presentation, from my point of view! By the way, new and improved versions of Glass are coming!

There’s a big trend in healthcare right now, which is to systematically plunder (in a good way) the best ideas and practices and technologies of other industries. I’ve actually seen C-level hospital and health system positions specifically requiring NO healthcare experience! In this regard, every year I look forward to Appian World, because it brings to Washington, DC, the best of the best about leveraging process-aware technologies in industries outside of healthcare.

So, if you’re at Appian World this year, and want to talk shop about Appian-style BPM in healthcare care, tweet me! (@wareFLO) or contact me through this blog.

And, if you’re not at Appian World, please check out the flood of #Appian15 tweets!

… And follow me! :)

PS Here’s a bit more video of me being interviewed (during Appian World, see mention) at WUSA9 here in DC. The interviewer is wearing my Glass!

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