Post Appian World 2015 Thoughts: And Watch For My Healthcare BPM Series!

I’ll keep this blog post short, so I can get it up on this, The Healthcare Business Process Management Blog, before Appian World 2015 ends (in about 5 minutes!). Don’t worry; I’ve got four or five more posts planned, all about ideas from Appian World 2015 (and how they can be implemented in healthcare).

First of all, Appian World just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year there were over 1000 attendees.

I live in DC and have been to every Appian World (six? seven?) — to learn as much as I can about the kind of modern post-industrial BPM Appian represents so well. What I know about social, mobile, analytic, cloud-based BPM has been greatly influenced by my cumulative Appian World experiences.

At this Appian World, every speaker I heard, every slide I saw, every conversation in which I participated, confirmed what I’ve believed for many years. Modern Business Process Management is exactly the medicine healthcare and health IT needs to fix its workflow and process woes.

For example, if healthcare and health IT is to achieve what I sometimes call “workflow interoperability” (also task or pragmatic interoperability), it is going to have to go far beyond mere message exchange. It is going to need a layer of “orchestration”, a sort of “spider in the way” (see next embedded tweet) to knit together the wide variety of old and new data-oriented health IT systems. Watch for that post! :)

At this year’s Appian World, I saw whole bunch of things click into place, modern BPM’s relevance to every industry, and, very specifically, to the healthcare industry.

I judge every conference by how much it makes me want to write and tweet about it.

So, over the next few weeks, look for blog posts about…

  • standing up high-volume healthcare claims processing,
  • low-code approaches to empathic app workflow,
  • learning from other industries’ use of BPM,
  • importance of BPM to wearables and Internet Of Things,
  • using BPM to achieve enterprise data integration and interoperability,
  • and more!

By the way, below is one of my favorite slides from the entire conference. It shows the relationship between the emotional journey of customers and the back end business processes that BPM automates so well. It’s even a medical example (emergency medical bracelets for the home). I won’t say much more now, here, in this post intended to tickle your curiosity. Except this: I love the idea of empathic processes and workflow. I think it will be essential for improving patient experience and engagement. So be sure to watch for that specific future post on this blog.

Above slide credited to Clay Richardson (@Passion4Process), from his excellent keynote.

The following isn’t a slide; it’s a paraphrased quote, from the VP of IS Strategy from Medicaid managed care leader, AmeriHealth Caritas. But it’s just about the pithiest summary of what modern Business Process Management platforms can do for healthcare.

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