Appian Inside? Consider Building Your Next Great Health IT Application on The Best Work Platform

As the leading proponent of process-aware technology in healthcare, I am especially excited to announce I’m working with Appian, the market leader in modern Business Process Management (BPM) software. I’ve enlisted Appian’s expertise and help to even more systematically spread the message of how modern workflow technology can make a significant impact for the healthcare industry.


If you follow me on Twitter or read my blog, you may know my personal workflow “Triple Aim”:

  • Engage health IT leaders, professionals, and users about workflow and workflow tech.
  • Highlight health IT vendors using workflow technology.
  • Recruit into healthcare the very best workflow tech from the workflow industry.

Over the past five years, I’ve energetically engaged and highlighted, if growing ranks of healthcare ‘workflowistas’ is any indication. There’s been a remarkable surge in workflow tech mentions on HIMSS conference exhibitor websites: 2%, 4%, 8%, 16% and this year, 25%+ (may be higher than 25+, but there is so much activity in this area at HIMSS15, I ran out of time to compile the data this year!). If you follow me on Twitter or monitor the #HIMSS15 hashtag, you have seen the numerous kudos I’ve handed out.

What about the third component of my workflow triple aim: Recruiting? I spend a lot of time networking and attending conferences in the workflow tech industry. Mostly I learn, but I also present to workflow tech professionals, explaining healthcare and health IT unique needs. And I encourage workflow tech companies to aim high in healthcare.

During this same five period I attended the yearly Appian World conference in (or near) Washington, DC. I wasn’t a user, reseller, or a partner, in any sense. I was a fan. It was my good luck to live in in the same home metro region with the current leader in modern BPM technology. And every time I went Appian World, I talked about healthcare workflow. Appian World is coming up — April 27-29 — I’d love to see you there. Here is one of my early trip reports.

Then, back in 2013, I took my new Google Glass to Appian. I wanted to see how easy it might be to integrate some cool new wearable with a cool leading BPM work platform. You can read about the result of that collaboration. It was easy. And it was easy because creating custom workflow applications on platforms evolved from process management discipline is completely different from how health IT has designed, built, sold, and bought health IT.

If you can’t find any health IT applications that fit your needs and workflows, and you don’t want to create such health IT applications from scratch (meaning hiring programmers to write code) consider a “low code” approach.

  • Design your app on a modern platform.
  • Draw workflows in a editor without coding.
  • Design forms with point-and clicks.
  • Use the completed application over the Web.

Then push a button to generate intelligent workflow apps natively running on multiple mobile devices without doing any additional building or testing. Oh, one more thing, Appian integrates both private and public social media-style activity streams into these intelligent workflow applications better than anyone else.

I’ll publish more details later. I just wanted to get this blog post up and out, on the first day of the biggest and most influential annual health IT meeting.

Have a great HIMSS15 conference. And watch this space! That is, this blog and my Twitter account, @wareFLO.

Viva la custom workflow applications on platforms evolved from modern process management ideas and technologies!

P.S. Of course, I will continue to search for and champion all people and organizations improving workflow with health information technology. Look for my HIMSS15 Top Ten List Of Healthcare Workflow Movers & Shakers later during the HIMSS15 conference.


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