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45-Minute Youtube Of My Wearable Workflow Keynote at SHS2015

Here it is! Slides and audio from my Society for Health Systems 2015 keynote! Hot off my hard drive! 45-minutes of wearables, Internet-Of-Things, workflow in healthcare goodness! There was quite a torrent of tweeting during the keynote, about the keynote (slides, quoted bullet points, etc.), so I’ve appended many of the best!

Wearable Workflow keynote presentation [...]

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The Intelligent Workflows Behind Engaging Patient Experiences

The intelligent workflows behind engaging patient experience… what do I mean by that? Well, I mean something similar to “the systems behind the smiles”, i.e. the “robust systems and processes” employees need to simply assume exist, so their minds are free to extend fantastic service. Healthcare needs both, great people and great workflow. I tend [...]

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