Vishal Gandhi And His Amazing Technocolor Medical Practice Workflow Infographics From ClinicSpectrum

You may have seen the ClinicSpectrum infographics on the #HIMSS15 hashtag. They’re sort of hard to miss. :)

Vishal Gandhi (@csvishal2222), that’s who’s behind the prolific @ClinicSpectrum Twitter account, tweets some of the most amazing and eye-catching info graphics of any exhibitor at HIMSS15. They’re almost as colorful as his “Workflow Hat”.

My route to becoming interested infographics is a germ of an idea about creating beautiful workflow diagrams. It’s a bit a fantasy of mine, to imagine, a workflow diagram that is both incredibly useful and incredibly beautiful. In fact, several of Vishal’s recent animated cartoons remind me a bit of (much less entertaining) graphical animation of workflow generated by discrete event simulation programs (used to model and predict healthcare workflows).

So I jumped at the chance to sneak a peak at what goes into creating an infographic. In fact, I got to pour through hundreds of infographics, in various stages of completion. Relative to ClinicSpectrum’s product suite, the following infographics struck a chord.

I thing the above infographics are definitely heading in a direction I describe in my HL7standards guest post: Marketing Workflow Is An Incredible Opportunity To Differentiate Health IT Products, And You! I’d love to hear what other workflowistas think about using infographics to market workflow (which, in my piece, I argue is a big win-win for vendors AND customers). I look forward to more-and-more workflow-ish workflow-esque infographics from @ClinicSpectrum (and the rest of the companies attending HIMSS15).

I hope you are having as much fun at HIMSS15 as I am!

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PS I’d forgotten @jimmie_vanagon’s doggerel Vishal’s Workflow Hat inspired… :)

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