Mach7’s Image Translation & Transformation Capabilities? Schedule and Criteria-Based Workflows? Study, Series, and Image Level Processing?

(7 Questions For Eric Rice, CTO, About Mach7’s Innovative Imaging Workflow Platform (RSNA Booth #6344))

Eric, you narrate a great YouTube video called Communication and Enterprise Imaging Workflow Optimization.

In the video you note (about 10 seconds in): It’s all about the workflow…

Could you elaborate on some of those bullet points? i.e. Translation, Transformation, Schedule and Criteria based workflow, etc?

Eric Rice, Mach7 CTO:

Translation & Transformation Capabilities

Metadata translation and transformation includes translating study information to a common syntax (i.e. CT Head translates to Brain CT), creating a single Patient ID from sets of IDs across an enterprise, and consolidating one view of a patient’s care history. Automate the creation of orders, the translation of metadata attributes (patient identifications, study descriptions, accession numbers), and the transformation of data into localized information system formats.

Schedule and Criteria-Based Workflow

Scheduling based on specific criteria, for example, maybe I have a remote site that doesn’t have a radiologist on staff after midnight, can I route studies to a different location between 12AM – 6AM (and automatically generate HL7 orders etc.)? Can I send specific images or series to a particular location or workstation, not the entire study? Perhaps I only want to send my thin slices to a particular 3D workstation, or only studies with a description like ‘head’ or ‘brain’ to a given destination. Study, series, and image level routing based on very specific criteria eliminates workflow redundancy.

Study, Series, and/or Image-Level Processing

Unique for Mach7, we process at an image level so we have real data intelligence to find out where each image needs to go. Routing rules may be configured down to the image level and therefore enable the routing/forwarding of specific images – for example, send only the ‘radiation dosage’ series or image to a particular destination.

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  5. Images are the original health IT unstructured data. How does Mach7 release their value?
  6. Mach7’s Image Translation & Transformation Capabilities? Schedule and Criteria-Based Workflows? Study, Series, and Image Level Processing?
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