How Can Mach7 Imaging Tech Help Create Ubiquitous, Seamless Patient Data Interoperability?

(7 Questions For Eric Rice, CTO, About Mach7’s Innovative Imaging Workflow Platform (RSNA Booth #6344))

Interoperability is an enormous issue in health IT. How can Healthcare Imaging Informatics, at the intersection of key technologies and sectors, help realize the vision of ubiquitous, seamless patient data interoperability?

Eric Rice, Mach7 CTO:

Health Imaging Informatics can achieve this through a universal, vendor neutral imaging platform. Our VNA Platform delivers capabilities that enable our customers to achieve interoperability within a department, enterprise, or region and across specialties. This includes delivering a full suite of XDS capabilities out of the box.


Our solution provides a Communication Layer that enables interface protocols over DICOM, HL7, XDS, and Web Services – supporting interoperability across the enterprise. Through the Communication Layer, integration points appropriately enable access to processing of data within the Mach7 platform. For example, send imaging data to the platform via DICOM; send image results to the platform via HL7; and query out the images and results via XDS with no additional infrastructure, no migrations, and no conversions required. The Communication Layer interprets requests and translates results real-time into the proper communication protocol. Lastly, the Communication Layer provides an extendible framework for growing the future capabilities of the product.

The goal of achieving uneventful, continuous interoperability among PACS, post-processing software, and modality software is one of the most difficult image management challenges facing healthcare enterprises today. We work in concert with customers and partners to truly understand imaging interoperability, incubating new ideas and leveraging our owned R&D resources for rapid software development and application implementation.

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  4. How Can Mach7 Imaging Tech Help Create Ubiquitous, Seamless Patient Data Interoperability?
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