7 Questions For Eric Rice, CTO, About Mach7’s Innovative Imaging Workflow Platform

I continually search health IT company with innovative workflow-related products, services, education and marketing. Then I tweet about them. And sometimes I write about them. Why? To encourage workflow thinking and tech in health IT. Anyway, this last February, and HIMSS’14, I stumbled across Mach7 Technologies (@Mach7Tech on Twitter) and their Communication Workflow Engine. Mach7 Technologies mentions “workflow” over a hundred times on their website! Of course I tweeted about it!

Since then I’ve had an opportunity to learn more about how Mach7 is bringing the kind of process-aware tech I advocate to healthcare. And to ask the following in-the-weeds questions.


(Every hour during RSNA’14 I’ll update another question and answer, and tweet it on the #RSNA14 hashtag!)

  1. What Is Mach7’s Communication Workflow Engine And How Does It improve Clinical Workflow Efficiency?
  2. Mach7 Has “Industry’s Most Robust and Technologically Advanced Vendor Neutral Platform” What Do You Mean?
  3. How Does Mach7 Leverage Workflows Optimized By Clinical Specialty And “Next Step” Care Protocols?
  4. How Can Mach7 Imaging Tech Help Create Ubiquitous, Seamless Patient Data Interoperability?
  5. Images are the original health IT unstructured data. How does Mach7 release their value?
  6. Mach7’s Image Translation & Transformation Capabilities? Schedule and Criteria-Based Workflows? Study, Series, and Image Level Processing?
  7. How’s the RSNA Conference Going for Mach7? Hot Topics in Conversations with Visitors to Your Booth? (6344!)
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